With an extensive range of ferrous iron and steel products our customers can trust in B Shakespeare and Co Ltd to supply them with their required materials. We provide various grades of ferrous metals including:

  • OA
  • HMS 1
  • Short Sheared Scrap
  • Profile
  • Constructional
  • Plate and Girder
  • Steel Turnings
  • Baled Scrap
  • Cuttings
  • Cast Iron

And many more! Contact us today for availability or further information on 01384 296757.

Our container tilter enables us to be extremely time effective in loading up containers for export quickly and efficiently. This is achieved by quickly and completely filling the containers with material minimising damage to both the containers and the materials.

For more detailed information or enquiries make sure you call us on 01384 296757 or email us at info@bshakespeare.co.uk